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When scheduling an appointment — whether by phone or email — please send me a short information about your general health condition (please see the “contraindications and precautions” section below). This will allow me to plan and prepare for our individual session. Our meeting begins with a herbal tea and a short conversation in which I will explain our session’s schedule. The massage takes place on a wide mat placed on the floor. It is performed through thin, loose clothes. I do not use oils (apart from facial massage, for which I am using scent-free jojoba oil). The session ends with some time to relax and awaken, then you will be served some herbal tea again and invited for another short conversation to evaluate the session’s immediate outcome. Thus, it is a good idea to add half an hour to the planned massage time.


Contraindications and precautions

Cases in which the massage should not be performed:

– Fever
– Acute illnesses i.e. cold, flu, sore throat, diarrhea etc.
– Severe ache and pain related to nerves or when it’s unclear whether the pain is related to muscles or to nerves
– Migraine
– Abdominal conditions (if not diagnosed)
– Embolism or thrombosis
– Contagious skin diseases

Cases in which the massage can be performed with extra caution only:
– Menstruation
– Pregnancy (if without complication)
– Headache (if it is not migraine)
– Injury or inflammation of muscles (the area must be avoided)
– Bone fracture or joint dislocation (the area must be avoided)
– High blood pressure, varicose veins (the area must be avoided)

Cases in which the massage is advisable with physician approval only in cases of:
– Post surgery
– Heart condition, diabetes, stroke, chronic illness conditions
– Cancer