About me

About me


For as long as I can remember, sports and the exploration of various kinds of physical activities have been an inherent part of my childhood. I remember struggling with the long school hours when instead of following our natural instinct for movement, play and physical contact with the other kids, we had to spend most of our time bent over textbooks in uncomfortable positions. I see this denial of the body, carnality and touch proper to the Western culture as a serious issue, somehow programmed into us from a very young age. I can see how it affects us, obstructing the realisation of our basic human needs and often leading to health problems on a massive scale.

Contrary to Thailand, where it is often considered a first and elementary medicine for many common afflictions, the European culture is terribly lacking in therapeutical touch. In Thailand knowledge about massage techniques and natural medicine is transmitted within families, in schools and at sport trainings. Widely popular, present on the streets, in households and in sport clubs, Thai massage has been one of the first thing that struck me when visiting the country and I fell in love with it. My first trips to Thailand were connected to Thai boxing (I used to practice it between 2010 and 2016) but when I discovered Thai massage, it became clear to me that I wanted to get involved with therapeutical bodywork professionally.

My current sport preferences shifted towards internal martial arts and practices such as thai-chi, bagua and qigong. I feel deeply inspired by the Taoist and Buddhist traditions in shaping my worldview and system of beliefs. For stronger sensations (which I also need) I turn to rock climbing and bouldering which I love most in the outdoors. I think that all of my passions constitute a great source of inspiration, knowledge and sensibility necessary in my massage practice. Other important parts of my life are also vegan cuisine, natural medicine and strong connection to the nature, that I am part of. Im committed to self-education, constant growth, living full on and realizing my full potential. 

I perform traditional Thai massage. This practice is an important element of the Thai culture and is deeply rooted both in its culture and mentality, which is why it has been important to me to gain strong fundaments in Thailand. The first place I chose to study in was the Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai (TMC), certified by the Thai government, ministry of education and ministry of health.

As for now I have completed the following courses:

  • Intensive Professional Thai Massage (2016)
  • Thai Foot Reflexology (2017)